Jon Purdy


A rare being from the forests of New England, transplanted to California.

Most of my work is in programming language technology, including type systems, modern compiler design, parsing, code generation, usability design, and garbage collector implementation. I am familiar with an unusually broad array of programming technologies, but I have the most familiarity and professional experience with Haskell, C, C++, and Perl.

I am available for hire to write code or to manage, teach, and mentor those who do, preferably using Haskell, Rust, or similar. The code I write is unusually reliable, but I do not produce it quickly. See my CV for more.



Things about computing and programming.


Gathered writings on crochet and other yarncraft.


Credits and citations for content on this site.


Concatenative Programming: From Ivory to Metal (2017)

Stanford EE380 Computer Systems Colloquium Seminar

“Concatenative programming is a relatively new programming paradigm built on a simple yet powerful tool: function composition. In this talk I will give an overview of concatenative languages from high-level theory down to low-level implementation. I will discuss some historical background, give an overview of the existing concatenative programming literature, then dive into examples of the exciting advantages that these languages may have to offer in terms of program correctness, safety, usability, and performance on the hardware of today and tomorrow.”